Queries with surname of F

FAIRHALL, I am researching the Fairhall surname worldwide, and seek contact with ANY member of that family line, or any person who is related to a Fairhall.  I am especially interested in widening my knowledge of Fairhall families who migrated to North America. Note that my research is purely personal, NOT commercial. Please visit my home page if interested: http://www.ros.com.au/~fairhall/index.htm   — Bruce Fairhall at fairhall@one-name.org [posted August 19, 1999]

FAUCETT III, Hurst G. Looking for information on Hurst G. Faucett, born in 1898/1899 in birmingham, jefferson co., alabama married to mammie collins around 1918 related family members unknown.  Please contact me at hfaucett@hotmail.com.   [posted September 20, 1999]

FAULK, Repsey –  I am looking for relatives of Repsey Faulk who maried George Duffey. She is the 1/2 sister of my great grandfather James Talbert Faulk in Tenn. Repsey and George had a daughter Irene who married Walter Parsons. Repsey and George also had children named Carlton, George, Belle, Johnny, and Thomas. Also looking for Repsey’s sister, Edna Faulk, who may have married Jasper Atkins Crim. There are CRIMS and PARSONS burried in the same cemeteries. All of these people lived in Birmingham, Alabama.  Please contact Danny Faulk at: dpfaulk@hotmail.com.    [posted January 12, 2004]

FIELDS, Samuel – Looking for more information on the parents of Samuel (ca 1790-1869) and Mary/Polly Johnston/e (ca 1792-1860) Fields. Both Samuel and Mary J. Fields are buried at Samuel Fields Cemetery near Brookside, Jefferson County, Alabama. Samuel Fields’ parents were said to be Moses and Betsy Ann Fields as mentioned in Alabama Records by Jones & Gandrud. The will of Betsy Ann Fields is included in ‘Alabama Records’ and names her children as Moses (wife Jane Sharp); Isaac; Lettie (husband Edward G. Sharp); Anna (husband Thomas Huchingson/Hutchinson); Mary/Polly (husband George Matthews). Samuel and Issac Fields along with George Matthews are named as some of the first settlers of what was to become Jefferson County, Alabama.  For some reason these genealogists/Jones and Gandrud were convinced that Moses was the name of the father and husband of this group.  I am looking for any form of document or reference other than legend that names or refers to Moses and Betsy Ann Fields (it would be prior to 1829). Will glady share information.   Please contact Claudia Fields Kraemer  2213 Lariat Trail, Frisco, Texas 75034 or  CFK@airmail.net   [posted December 8, 2004]

FINLEY, Katie Ruth –  Need information on the birth and marriage of Katie Ruth Finley born in Lafayette Ala.(chambers county)which we cannot not records and we cannot not find a copy of her marriage to Alex Hall in Birmingham Ala. between 1935-1936 this information is needed for her social security and we can not find the records she was born into the household of Goode and Ida Finley and its possible shes down as there child but her mother was named Lillie Belle Finley her mother when living said she was born in 1922 and they raised her age to be born in 1919 so she could marry eailer when she was pregant with her daughter Edith Hall if you could e-mail a copy of either marriage or birth or send me the e-mail site I would be grateful.we have a family website Finley of Lafayeete Alabama or ljkingsssnet.com   Please contact Denise Duncan at ddluv1215@yahoo.com    [posted November 10, 2007]

FLETCHER, Andrew Jackson –   Seeking information on Andrew Jackson FLETCHER, born in Upson, GA, 1835, moved to AL after 1850, married Susannah SESSIONS and had several children.  1870 lived in Pike Co, AL, and was in Jefferson by 1880. He is to believed to have died in Jefferson, CO, AL around 1880 and may be buried at the Albertville Heart of Sand Mountain Pre Civil War Cemetery.  Children include Alexander V, James William (born in Birmingham), Ida (m: John B.M. Lokey),Jason, Jefferson and Pike FLETCHER.  Please contact Caitlin Johnson at csgerard@yahoo.com   [posted November 16, 2007]

FLOYD, William Crawford – Searching for the parents and siblings name of William Crawford FLOYD.  Born 1846 in Tallapoosa Co., Al.  First married Elizabeth FLOURNOY, 5 known children.  Second wife Louganey ROBBINS.  Williams parents are buried in unmarked graves along with Elizabeth, his first wife, at Edwards Cemetery just north of Gardendale, Al.  William and Louganey are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery, west of Gardendale.  William at some time owned 600 acres in that area.  Would like to find any connection to this line.  Please contact Debbie Bein, P.O. Box 581, Cropwell, Al. 35054 or jbein@worldnet.att.net   [posted January 3,  2000]

FORD, Pettus – Need information about Pettus Ford and his children, who are believed to have settled in Birmingham.  I have traced the Ford family origins to Perryville (Perry County) and parts of Dallas County, Alabama.   I have traced the beginning of the Ford family to Caroline Ford (b. 1825) who had 15-18 children born in slavery. One of Caroline’s children is Paul Ford (b. 1853). Paul Ford married a Laura RADFORD on Feb. 8, 1878. When Laura died, Paul married a woman named Lucretia (b. 1857). There were 10 children born between both of these marriages. The children are: Allie D, Arthur, Bettie, Columbus, Genie, Willie, Joe, Jesse, Millie and Johnie D. Paul Ford died in 1920.   Willie and Genie moved to the Birmingham area. Other Fords of this line may be Hal, Bubba and Sylvester (female). I believe Johnie Ford moved to Dallas County.  This is where it gets confusing. In Dallas County (Selma, Summerfield, Valley Creek) the Ford family marries into both the MARTIN and GREEN(E) families. The Martins and the Green(e)s are cousins to each other. The Green(e)brothers (Sol, Nathan, Herman) may have resided in Jefferson County in the 1920’s but returned to Dallas County.  From this lineage, I am researching a PETTUS Ford. The only mention I have of Pettus Ford is the social security application of my grandfather and his marriage license, other than that I can find no records. My grandfather, Robert, is also known as Spicey and Bud was born between 1900-1910 in Dallas County, AL. As a child, Robert went by the last name of Martin, his mother’s maiden name then later changed his last name to Ford.  PETTUS Ford was a farm laborer who had other children named Herman, Annie and possibly children residing in the Birmingham area.   Another possible link is Callie MARTIN(mulatto)of Selma, Alabama. In a 1910 census of Selma, Callie Martin is listed as a widow. Her birth year is 1874. Her children are Mary Ella, Herman, Robert, and Hubbard. A man named Earnest (b. 1867) is also residing in her home. Mary Ella is the name of my great-grandmother, whose son is Robert, my grandfather. Herman is known to be the brother of Robert. They are said to share the same father–the mysterious Pettus Ford.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Please contact Lynn Mari at  Lyrek1@aol.com   [posted May 16,  2008]

FRANKLIN, John Patrick – b: 8/14/1867 in Alabama (presumably Jefferson County); d: 2/14/1934 in Jefferson County, Alabama Children: Nicholas Clyde Franklin (b: 1889); John Burris Franklin (b:1893); Henry George Franklin (b:1905); Ella T. Franklin (b: 1887); Pattie Franklin  Would like to find out names of his parents.   He was my 2nd great-grandfather and this is as far back as I have been able to trace my family tree.  I would like to go further.   Please contact Allan B. Franklin, Jr.; 417 Holly Hill Ct.; Tallahassee, FL   32312; (850) 906-3147; afranklin@yourvillage.com    Thank you very much.  If you are interested in this family, I might be able to supply you with some missing information, too.   [posted February 17, 2003]

FULLER, Kathleen – Would like birth certificate for Kathleen FULLER born in Jefferson Co. in 1901 or 1902, mothers maiden name is Lena (Everlena) CADENHEAD. Not sure if father is listed as Zion FULLER or other.   Was shot and killed Feb. 21, 1935, as was her mother.  Would love her brother’s b/c if possible also, Roy Lee FULLER born Feb, 23, 1891 in Bessemer, Jefferson Co., AL to Lena CADENHEAD and Zion R. FULLER.  Please contact Judy Damski at tudemurdog@alltel.net  [posted May 17, 2008]

FULMER, Guy Avon – Would like obit for Guy Avon FLUMMER died Dec. 1936 in Jefferson Co., AL.  Believe this is the husband of Kathleen Fuller FLUMMER who was shot by her mothers husband, John Rhodes, as was his wife, Lena Cadenhead/Fuller/Rhodes.  Thanks so much.   Please contact Judy Damski at tudemurdog@alltel.net  [posted January 23, 2009]