Queries with surname of Z

Zellefrow, Randal – I am just starting on the quest for family history. My mother’s birth father’s name was Randal Zellefrow. Her Parents split up (approx. 1941) when she was about two yrs. old.   This is all the info that I have.  My grandmother has been deceased for some time and my mother was just a toddler at that time.  His parents names were Lee and Flora Mae(Meyers?). Randal was married to my Grandmother whose name was Delta Aberta(Susie) Painter. They had two daughters, Margaret Deloresand Carol Ann.  He later moved to Nevil Island, I heard that he was the town drunk. He later passed away in a nusing home from Alzheimers desease. Any info you could pass along would be greatly appreciated! Please contact   Brenda Conkel at hi2bert@wmcommect.com   [posted May 12, 2004]