Queries with surname of T

TATUM, Edward – Need copy of Edward Tatum’s WILL, recorded in Jefferson Co. Will:  15 Dec 1831; Probate:   29 Jan 1835.  Believed to be found in ORPHANS COURT RECORDS, 1824-1853, p. 305 and also in PIONEER TRAILS, Vol 19, #3.  Tatum was born about 1745 in VA, the son of Jesse and Elizabeth Tatum.  Revolutionary War Soldier.  Buried in Greene Cemetery off Hwy. 79 between Tarrant and Pinson.   [posted August 19, 1999]

TAYLOR, George – I am looking for information on my TAYLOR line. My TAYLOR line contains Native Americans, Choctaws. My line goes back to January 3, 1773. George TAYLOR was born on Jan. 3, 1773 and married Nancy Cooper on October 4, 1796. George died on September 12, 1854. George and Nancy had 7 children. It is said that the beginning of this family was in Birmingham, AL (or somewhere in Jefferson County, near Birmingham). After George TAYLOR is William TAYLOR, born August 3, 1799, died December 14, 1867 and married Waitstill BROWN in 1824. Waitstill BROWN died in 1841, prior to William’s second marriage to Martha Loggins on December 18, 1841. Then comes along the real beginning of this family with Benjamin D. TAYLOR (D could be for Drake) born August 25, 1824 in Alabama. Benjamin married Rhonda HALL on October 3, 1844. Very little is known about Rhonda. All we know is that she was born circa 1825. Benjamin died on April 28, 1892 and Rhonda died on October 8, 1892. They were buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery. Benjamin and Rhonda had at least 12 children.

John Clark TAYLOR, born November 22, 1855, died on January 28, 1934, and married Lucy Carlisle RICE on November 25, 1885 in Montgomery County, Arkansas. Lucy Carlisle RICE was born on September 17, 1859 in Mississippi and died on June 21, 1943. They had 6 children. Leander M. TAYLOR, who was called Lee, comes down to my g-g-grandfather. Leander was born on December 26, 1894 in Caddo Gap, AR. He married Eula Foe GADEN on November 11, 1914. Eula died on March 28, 1955. Leander died on April 11, 1981. Next comes Ovie Elizabeth TAYLOR/CALDWELL/WEAVER. Then Edward Lee CALDWELL -> Thomas Calvin CALDWELL -> Erica Lindsey CALDWELL (me!).

I thank you for taking the time to read this. I forget to say that I’m 13 years old, but this info you may have may help me in life! God Bless, Erica Lindsey CALDWELL, 1458 Highway 27 South, Mineral Springs AK 71851.   [posted April 11, 2006]

TERRY, John Howard – Need information on the parents of John Howard Terry of Pinson-Jefferson County.  Need marriage information for John Howard TERRY, born in Jefferson County, March 2, 1900 – he married Nora McCombs, born in 1980 and died in 1930.  Also looking for info on Jame Rockason TERRY, John Howards father.  Most of the family resided in the hills near Pinson.  Please contact Kimberly Terry at  thsca@swbell.net   [posted November 11, 2000]

THOM, George – Looking for info. on George Thom Family from Scotland abt. 1906 to White Co. TN to Jefferson Co. AL aound 1920. Sister Ann Thom Winning Wiggins.  Any help appreciated.  Please contact J. Scott at jswas@bellsouth.net[posted July 16, 2006]

THOMAS, Thurston – b.abt 1795 KY? d. 2 Mar 1850 Kaskaskia Island, Randolph Co.,IL, m.1818 Kaskaskia Island, Randolph Co.,IL, Elizabeth EVANS b. 1800 VA.,d. 1879 Randolph Co.,IL. Children: Plummer, Emanual, Thurston Jr.  Thurston was in Capt John Phillips Co, Boswell 10th Reg KY Militia War 1812. Who were Thurston’s parents?  Contact:  Mildred Kent at jkent3000@charter.net. [posted April 7, 1998]

THOMPSON, Alexander WSeeking info on Alexander W. THOMPSON b. ca 1827-1829 TN. Last info I have is in 1860 census Blackburn,Jefferson Co., AL.  Would like to find out place, date of death and burial for Alexander W.  Also maiden name of wife “Isabel” b.ca 1831-1832 SC..place, date of death and burial.  They had 2 children..William Wayne Thompson (my g-grandfather)B.19 Sept 1859 AL d.1933 TX and another son named Franklin..we have no information on Franklin.  Please contact K. Elaine Luce at grannylu@karnesec.net.   [posted September 25, 2006]

THOMPSON, Richard Smith – Looking for Richard Smith Thompson, b 1859, died Mar 1931 in Jefferson Co.  Married to Hattie Barksdale (around 1882, possibly in GA).  Children: Ever, Ambra, Carroll, Edwin, Merle, Nell, Claude, and Clifford.  My line is Carroll.   I am desperate for Richard Smith Thompson’s parents, proof of birth (date and place), any other verifying personal data.  As I understand it, he owned a hardware store in Woodlawn and was a member (deacon?) of Ruhama Baptist Church.  Richard (and second wife Lula) appear on Jefferson Co censuses for 1920 and 1930.  Please contact Laurie Thompson at  Laurie3858@cox.net.   [posted July 27, 2004]

TINNER, James M. – Looking for surname TINER, I am not sure when they traveled through there, they must have, they were in mississippi. Looking for James M Tiner, born 1827 in Georgia, married in MS in 1851.   JEAN JOHNSON at TYR136790@tyler.net.   [posted August 19, 1999]

TINDLE, William – Need inforamtion on William Tindle, born in DeKalb County, AL married Alice Jane Whittle moved to Jefferson County in the Bessemer area. Need children and death dates and burial sites of William and Alice.   Contact Kent Lewis at kentlewis@aol.com.    [posted August 19, 1999]

TOBBE – I am very interested in the surname TOBBE.  My great-grandmother, Almira Sophronia Gertrude Bickers married a man named Joseph Victor Tobbe, who is, of course, my great-grandfather.  I can find no records thus far of him.  Any help would be most appreciated. My grandmother, Thelma Tobbe, was born in 1913, so the marriage of her parents would have been prior to 1913, but I am not sure which year.  Thanks,Carmen Roa aka TredJam@aol.com   [posted January 3, 2000]

TOWE, William R. – Looking for any records regarding William R. TOWE.  1900 census: W. R. TOWE in Jefferson Co. (b. AL, 26)wife Belle [nee White], 24, son Clyde, 1. (m. 2 yrs.) ADAH doesn’t find their marriage record in Jefferson Co.  Belle was b. in Franklin Co., AL; was there in 1880. I can’t find ANYTHING about Will TOWE’s family before 1900. I don’t see their marriage in Franklin, Marion, Winston or Tuscaloosa Co. Kids Clyde and May were born in Adger. I’m almost certain my great-grandmother (May) told me he was William R. TOWE “Jr.” I see no candidates in Alabama in 1880. But, this name does tend to get mauled in transcriptions. Anyway, I’m wondering if any Jefferson Co., voter registration, tax records, etc. exist. Also, do any county level birth records (delayed or otherwise) exist for children Clyde (b. Apr. 18, 1899) Ella May (b. May 23, 1902) and Mabel (b. Dec. 3, 1904) TOWE.  I realize they might not have been named in the record.  Will TOWE supposedly died in a mining accident on Jan. 29, 1907. I am certainly willing to hire a professional researcher to assist me.  Please contact Patrick Webb at kailani-genealogy@stanfordalumni.org     [posted May 18, 2008 and updated December 17, 2008]

TREMELLING, Thomas – Need information on Great-grandparents,Thomas Tremelling and wife Edith. Know they came to Birmingham, Alabama from England.  They are buried in Oakland Cemetary in Birmingham. Alabama.  Would like to know where they were born in England and who their parents were.  Contact Mary Tremelling at maarytre@mindspring.com.    [posted June 10, 2001]

TUCKER, Leuanna Emeriler  – Looking for information – Tucker family – Leuanna Emeriler TUCKER b. abt 1847, Birmingham, Alambama – married Stewart Butler of Covington, Alabama moved to Elfers, Florida approximately 1884 or 1885.  Please contact Paula Luce at paulalynn1964@yahoo.com     [posted November 10, 2007]

TYLER, Jim – Looking for information on a Jim Tyler. Died 1909.Bessemer,Alabama.  Please contact William(Bill) Tyler Jr at k4slq@cs.com[posted August 25, 2001]