Queries with surname of W

WADE, Lee – Looking for any info on the family of Lee WADE and wife Mary Caroline JOHNSON who married in Jefferson Co in December, 1899.  Children were Gerthen WADE b. 1903, Roy WADE b. 1907 and Vera WADE b. abt. 1908.  Lee WADE d. 1-20-1908 and Mary d. in 1916.  I cannot find the burial place for Lee or Mary.  I also cannot find any info on Vera WADE at all.   Any help appreciated.  Please contact Eldon WADE at ewade@cfl.rr.com   [posted May 25, 2001]

WADE, Tom – In 1919 Jannie Dempsey and Tom Wade married in Jefferson county, This marriage ended in devorce in a short time before census of 1920.  Any information would be helpful and would pay for any records.  Thanks for any help.  Please contact James Dempsey at vancedempsey@cox.net. [posted July 16, 2006]

WALDROP, Dee – I am seeking information on Dee WALDROP, b. 21 Oct 1883 in Alabama.  It is believed he was born in Jefferson Co., AL.  Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net[posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Earnest C. –   I am seeking information on Earnest C. WALDROP, b. 18 Dec 1876 probably in Jefferson Co., AL; d. 16 Dec 1924 in Ensley, Jefferson Co., AL.  I have no other information on any of them.  Their brother was Claude Vernon WALDROP, b. 16 Sep 1879 in Palos, Jefferson Co., AL; marr. Cora Samantha SPRUIELL 6 Oct 1900 in Graysville, Jefferson Co., AL.  They had 9 children before he was killed in a cave in at the Flat Top mine.  She had one other child by another husband.  I have lots of information on them, but not his brothers and/or sister.  Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net[posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Euvasco B. –  I am seeking information on Euvasco “Vass” B. WALDROP, b. 26 Jun 1889 probably in Jefferson Co., AL.  Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net[posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Lu. – I am seeking information on Lu WALDROP, b. 26 Jul 1882 probably in Jefferson Co., AL. Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net.   [posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Oscar E. – I am searching for information on Oscar E. WALDROP, b. 28 Oct 1874 somewhere in Alabama, probably Jefferson Co., AL  He died of TB at Red Mountain Camp.  Is that in Alabama? Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net.   [posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Pervoso –  I am seeking information on Pervoso “Vaso” WALDROP, b. Dec 1876 probably in Jefferson Co., AL.  Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net[posted March 30, 2000]

WALDROP, Reuben –  I am looking for a Reuben Waldrop, He was in the 1870 census Jefferson ,Al  Does any one have this man in there family . Please let me know. Thanks Wanda Wfglenn@aol.com   [posted November 22, 1999]

WALDROP, Walter Lee –  I am seeking information on Walter Lee WALDROP, b. 6 Jun 1886, probably in jefferson Co., AL  Married Wilhelmena “Mary” HANES 28 Mar 1907 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL.  They had several children.  I would also like any information on her. Please contact Robert Waldrop at robert@pcola.gulf.net[posted March 30, 2000]

WALKER, James – Need info on parents of james Walker, born about 1823.  He was in Sabine Parish La with his wife rebecca and four children.  She was from Mississippi.   James died sometime between 1850-1860.  Please contact Maggy Calcote at maggycal@sbcglobal.net   [posted  November 16, 2007]

WALKER, James – b:Abt 1750, moved to Madison Co., MS territory abt 1803 d:6 Feb 1817. Seeking his ancestors believed to have come from Blount Co., TN, formerly Franklin, which was formerly Washington, Co., NC. Contact Ray Walker, PO Bx 26331, Birmingham, AL 35260-0331, Phone (205)822-1758, or by email at rewalker@mindspring.com[posted March 18, 1998]

WALLACE, John M. – John M. Wallace was born Nov 12, 1838 Talledega, AL. He taught school in Chambers Co. ca. 1846 to 1855. His parents are William Newton Wallace born in Birmingham abt. 1820 est. and Mary Elizabeth Cornelius born near Birmingham on ? Need marriage date and location. other siblings, land records. Any help appreciated.  Please contact Barbara Hunt at bbhunt10@juno.com.   [posted November 22, 1999]

WARD, Gideon Roscoe – Need marriage information for the parents of Gideon Roscoe Ward and the birthdate and place for him.   G.R. Ward was married to Willie May Hughes and the father of Samuel Roscoe Ward born in 1915 in Tuscaloosa, AL.   Please contact Samuel Ward at samwardjr@msn.com[posted April 28, 2001]

WATTS, Augustus C – Looking for a starting point on my grandfather’s family-Augustus C Watts, born Pine Apple, Alabama circa 1897-1898. Moved to Georgia circa 1920.  Searching for his parents as point of reference.  Please contact Lawrence Dostie at razzle@midcoast.com. [posted February 14, 2000]

WATTS, Jacob – Looking for any info on Jacob Watts b. 1822 KY and wife Frances; also on Watts Plantation about 50 miles from Birmingham; on 1880 census Birmingham as Jaco, Frances, and children Charles ,Marion and Elijan (there also was Delia but missing here) Watts.  Please contact Gail Finnegan at ELFINNO2004@YAHOO.COM  [posted November 12, 2007]

WEAVER, Laura Kate – need marriage information for laura kate weaver born approx 1935 or 36 believe may have married in montgomery, al.
Please contact Charles Meek at meeks293602@bellsouth.net  [posted December 17, 2008]

WEBB, Benjamin Thomas – WEBB, Benjamin Thomas, b. 1850, NC; came to Birmingham/East Lake AL in 1886 with family.   Wife David Duella JONES,  1853-1928;  Need death notices or cemetary records.  Family story states Benjamin Thomas WEBB was a gambler who won a riverboat in a poker game.  Boat sank in a river in/near Birmingham.  Possible newspaper   account would reveal details.  Children with birth year: George B. 1878,   Lucy 1874, Julius 1875, John Jones 1885 (my father), Margaret 1887, Ella, Lelia, Benjamin Jr.  Have excellent records establishing links to two Revolutionary soldiers but scant information on Ben T. and John Jones in Alabama. Any information welcome.   Contact: Virginia WEBB Morgan  jvmorgan@ix.netcom.com     Thanks.   [posted November 22, 1999]

WEBB, Hartwell Ezell – Place of death of Hartwell Ezell WEBB.  Seeking information regarding WEBB, Hartwell Ezell.   b.04/15/1916 in Talladega County, Alabama. d. March, 1963, location and circumstances unknown.  Married Mildred Janette Adams, 03/30/1941, in Birmingham, Alabama.  Divorced August, 1947, in Birmingham, Alabama.  Subject was my father.   My home address is 21305 Caribbean Lane, Panama City, Florida 32413.  Please contact Jeff Webb at jeffwebbinpc@comcast.net   [posted September 28, 2007]

WEBB, John Jones – Seeking census  records or newspaper accounts of  John Jones WEBB; moved with parents Benjamin Thomas WEBB and Duella JONES WEBB from Kinston NC to East Lake/Birmingham in 1886.  J.J. WEBB was a Methodist preacher who moved to Arkansas for some years then back to Alabama.  He built churches in North Alabama and was a member of the North Alabama Methodist Conference.  He died in 1972 in Tuscambia, Alabama and is buried in Sheffield, Alabama.  Any information welcome.  Contact: Virginia WEBB Morgan   jvmorgan@ix.netcom.com     Thanks.   [posted November 22, 1999]

WELCH, John Wesley – Need the location of the Summit Cemetery in Jefferson County, Alabama.   John Wesley Welch died in late April, 1924 in Jefferson County, AL and according to his death certificate, he was buried in Summit Cemetery on 01 May 1924.  John Wesley Welch lived on Shades Mountain in the what is now the Bluff Park area of Hoover. There is a Bluff Park Cemetery which was formerly known as the Oxmoor Heights Cemetery but I can find no record that it was ever known as Summit Cemetery. Any info about where his burial place might be would be appreciated  Please contact Bob Latham at cane4u2@yahoo.com   [posted November 16, 2007]

WELLS, James Lewis – Need any information anyone has on James Lewis Wells who was married to Virginia Brown name given on his death certificate was Jeanie Ann Wells. Children were James A. (Gus) Wells born in Ga 2-10-1873 on tombstone buried in Goodhope cemetery Sayre, AL; Walter L. Wells born 3 1886, on 1900 census buried in Goodhope cemetery; Lewis Wells born 1-17-1887 on tombstone buried in Goodhope cemetery; Eugene Wells born 4-18-1890 on tombstone buried in Goodhope cemetery; Maybell Wells born February 1891 on 1900 census; Dollie Wells born march 1895 on 1900 census; Lillian (Lillie) Wells born June 6, 1899 buried in Kingston Methodist Cemetery, Prattville, AL; I know Lillian, and Dollie married brothers Jeff, and Joe Jackson. Also two of the brothers married Jackson girls. Gus married Lucinda (Cindy) and Mertie married a Wells, brother to Lillian and Dolly. James (Jim on tombstone at Goodhope cemetery Sayre, AL) born Dec. 28,1857 (information on death certificate) in Ga. died Oct. 18,1930 in Sayre, Al. Bell undertaking company directed. Virginia Brown Wells born April 1862 (1900 census) died in 1936 on tombstone in Goodhope cemetery. Please contact Pat Wilson at barefootgirl841970@msn.com    [posted September 25, 2004]

WESTBROOKS, Mary Jane – Parents of Mary Jane Westbrooks.  Need info regarding father of Mary Jane Westbrooks b. Birmingham, AL, 27 Aug. 1872. Mother:Elizebeth A. Flippo.  Please contact Marty DuBois at mdubois68@hotmail.com  [posted August 25, 2001]

WHEELER, Harriet Batten – WHEELER, Harriet Batten died in/at Birmingham Beat 21, Jefferson County, AL September 23, 1884.  Would someone please tell me what or where Birmingham Beat 21 was.  This is the only address given on her death certificate.  I’ll be in Birmingham in August to do research on this ancestor and this is puzzling to me since it doesn’t seem to be an address or name of a hospital. Please contact Joyce Gerhardt at joyceg@woh.rr.com   [posted July 16, 2004]

WHEELER, Sarah A. – Seeking information on Sarah A. Wheeler who was the first wife of Abselom Keith.  Abselom was also called AB.  Abselom was a constable in Woodlawn.  Abselom was born May 18, 1833 in Pickens County, South Carolina and died August 12, 1923 in Jefferson County, Alabama.  The marriage date for Abselom and Sarah is January 13, 1856 in Carroll County, Georgia.  I cannot find any information at all on Sarah A. Wheeler.   Thanks for taking time to read my message. Please contact Joan Bonnett at jbon2@hotmail.com  [posted December 8, 2004]

WHEELOCK, George Frederick – Need to verify that George Frederick Wheelock (Sr.), husband of Addie M. Roberts,of Birmingham died 26 Mar 1904. He is supposed to be buried in “Elmwood Cemetery”. Since this is before the state began keeping records of deaths, I am having trouble finding this information. Thank you for your help or any suggestion on finding this information.   Please contact Lucy Partin at l.partin@earthlink.net   [posted July 16, 2004]

WHITE, Margaret Jane Hester – Seeking information on parents/siblings of Margaret Jane Hester White, born Alabama 1859 and married Elbert Herren in St. Clair Co., AL 1876.  Their fifth child, Lee Oscar Herren, my grandfather was born in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL.  The family moved to Leon Co., TX around 1890.  Need help locating the family of Margaret Jane Hester White – her marriage to Elbert Herren was first and only.  Margaret died in TX about 1901.  Please contact Patti Chapman at chapmanrd@msn.com  [posted August 4, 2001]

WHITE, Richard Posey – I am researching my great-grandfather Richard Posey White. I believe he was born in Birmingham on May 23, 1876. Moved to Texas in 1885.  I do not have any other information than this. I would appreciate any help you can give me to research this further.  Please contact Michael White, Friendswood Texas at twooldogs@aol.com   [posted January 3, 2000]

WHITTAKER, Ezekiel and Gussie – Need family information on Ezekiel and Gussie WHITTAKER family.  Ezekiel born in 1872 died 1947…Gussie(no last name known, possibly Native American) was born 1880 and died 1971. Of this union 14 children were born….the first being born in 1895 and the last in 1924…All children of this union were born in Birmingham, Alabama area.  Need Ezekiel WHITTAKER’S parents names if possible.  Can find no record of of Ezekiel in the SSI Death Index but have found Gussie in the listing….We have hit a brick wall on this and I am trying to find out about my gr-grandfather’s roots.  Please contact Joseph Hollister at  cathyhollister@hotmail.com    [posted November 11, 2000]

WHITTINGTON, Isiah W. – Looking for parents of Isiah W. Whittington born as a twin on April 27, 1873 in Birmingham, AL area. Had a twin sister (also looking for; first name may have started with an ‘L’). Isiah and his twin’s parents died within two months of their birth, so death would be sometime from May-Dec. 1873. Family heresay is that the twin’s father was a Doctor. Not proven. Isiah and his sister were taken to live with another family (may have been BALL family, not sure) around Mobile, AL area. Hoping to find maybe a death index in 1873 for Birmingham area after April or even a birth index, etc.   Maybe even a listing of doctors for the years 1872-73. Any help in this mystery would be appreciated. Really want to find parent’s names and twin sister’s family. Isiah, himself moved to Texas when he was about 18 and settled in Robertson County, where he died in 1954. Thank you for any lead or help!!!!   Please contact Brigette Perkins at brigtony@houston.rr.com  [posted March  9, 2003]

WILEY, George T. – Need information on George T. Wiley.   I believe he was born in Georgia.  He and his wife, Lena, are buried at West Jefferson Cemetery.  Some of his children were:  Susie Viola (my grandmother), Jesse, and Lonnie.  They lived in the Ensley area, I believe. I have had no contact with that side of the family for almost 40 years. Please contact Rodney Horn at rhorn58@yahoo.com   [posted January 20, 2005]

WILKINS Family – Looking for any info on the Wilkins family found in Clay Co.,Al. William W.,John T., Mollie Wilkins Hopkins, Nancy Wilkins Royster, and Eliza Wilkins Winkles. All founs in Clay Co. 1800’s. Also found some family members in Jefferson and Talledega counties. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!   Contact Gloria Jerkins at Gmjerkins@aol.com.   [posted October 6, 1999]

WILLIAMS, Alfred – Need information for Alfred WILLIAMS, lived in Fayette Alabama temporarily, then moved the Ensley/Pratt City Alabama around 1929.  One known son, Otis, born 17 April 1929, and a daugter of unknown age born before Otis.  Please contact Christopher Williams at ctw34@aol.com   [posted September 25, 2004]

WILLIAMS, Patrick Grover – need information on patrick grover WILLIAMS born in blount cty al. Married to ella freeman, son george wesley, daughter martha ruth. risided b”ham from about 1900. Was builder ,consturcted many homes on Red Mountain in Bham.  Please contact Richard Williams at dutch31@texoma.net   [posted May 13, 2006]

WILLIAMS, Samuel D. – Need death information on Samuel D. WILLIAMS born 1847 in Short Creek, Jefferson Co. AL. Married 25 Sept. 1864 to Louisa Cansada CARRINGTON born 1845 in Birmingham, AL. Samuel’s Father was Thomas WILLIAMS born 1808 in Georgia. His Mother was Eleanor WALDROP born 1808 in Short Creek, AL. Samuel D. WILLIAMS is buried in Short Creek, AL. I don’t have a death date or cause of death. If anyone has any info on this family please contact me via e-mail. Please contact Debra Willman at  dgwill@fidnet.com    [posted February 4, 2001]

WILMORE, Carl – I would like to find the repository for the research done by Carl WILMORE  on the WILMORE family.   He lived and died in birmingham ala.  Please contact Karen Williams at  ekwill@netdirect.net   [posted November 11, 2000]

WILSON, Allen – Need information on parents and siblings of Allen WILSON b. 1790 SC, d. 1873, m. Nancy CANTRELL b. 1795 SC, d. bef 6 Nov. 1833. Any information will be appreciated. Please contact Jeanette Torman at jeantorman@fayelectric.com   [posted February 5, 2006]

WINTTER, Ernst Ulrich – Ernst Ulrich WINTTER born in Bissingen, Wurttemberg, Germany 1845. Emigrated to the U.S. in 1863. First evidence for him was in the 1880 U.S. Census in Lauderdale Co, Florence, AL married to Martha Susan Reddin (Redding). Martha WINTTER died in 1880 and Ernst married Lina (Kachelhofer) Halberg in 1881. They moved to Wheeling, Jefferson Co. AL after December 1883 and before December 1885.Two children were born in Cypress Mill, Florence, Lauderdale Co.AL and three children were born at Wheeling, Jefferson Co, AL. After 1890 Ernst’s family moved to Brighton, Jefferson Co. AL. Bought a home and lived there to thier deaths (Ernst in 1926 and Lina in 1930). I am interested in finding death certificate and will probate for Ernst (Earnest, Ernest) WINTTER as well as any other imformation about Ernst and family while in Jefferson County, AL. Please contact John Ernst Wintter, 420 Redwood St. Birmingham, AL 35210 Email: jwintte@bellsouth.net   [posted May  23, 2004]

WOMACK, J. H. D. – seeking information on j.h.d. womack; 1860 dallas county census; township of richmond beet age 55 and a lawyer, son j.f. age 25 also listed as lawyer; sister of the name L which was Louisana Womack; mother sarah mckinney womack.  Please contact Pamela Womack Baratti at pamb102@aol.com    [posted May 13, 2006]

WOOD, Alma – Alma Wood (b1861 NY) children Earl Wood (b.1882-d. 10/16 1952) married to Elizabeth Roberts and Elizabeth Wood (b.1881) she possibly remained single. Earl & Elizabeth had two children Mary L. Roberts & Ann Wood.  I am looking for Obituarys or burial places, also any family members.census records 1910, 1920, 1930 family in Jefferson Co. Birmingham, AL.  Thank you.  Please contact Gladys Hammel at dgham@msn.com   [posted December  2, 2006]

WOODLEY, J. W. – Need info on J W Woodley b. in Alabama, d. before 1880 in Texas.  Married Mary E. Cates in Texas in 1873, she is widowed in 1880 census.  Had at least one child George Davis Woodley b. 1861 Texas, said had another son who died of appendicitis at 17?  Do not know mother of George, or J W’s full name. Please contact Anita Campbell at  theanitacampbell@yahoo.com   [posted August  6, 2004]

WRIGHT, Arthur George –  Need info on Arthur George WRIGHT who lived in Birmingham Jefferson County), AL in the late 1880s through at least 1900. He was on the 1870 and 1880 Fulton Co (Atlanta), GA census and said he was b. in GA in 1828; married a woman named Mary B.; and had children named Sarah Angeline, Elizabeth, and William. He listed his occuapation as carpenter on both census records. In 1870 he lived next to a Thomas Wright; probably a brother. In 1880 and 1900 he was a widower, living next to his daughter, Sarah Angeline Wright Johnson. She and her family moved to AR about 1904, and I want to know if he went with them or had died in Birmingham before they left. (He was 72 in 1900, so he was a little old to set off for AR.) Anyone who is researching this family, please contact me at jerpat@mchsi.com. Thanks!   Please contact Patsy Kennedy at jerpat@mchsi.com   [posted February 15, 2006]

WYATT, Dellia –  I am trying to locate parents of Dellia Wyatt born 1805, Nash Co. NC. married Gurley Sellers in 1826 moved to Alabama where she died in 1899 and is buried. If anyone has information on Demsey Wyatt who married Barsheba Brantley in 1798+/- in Nash Co. NC, please let me know… I cannot find anything that tells me who their children were.  Please contact Ginger L. Wan at Gwan@shannongracey.com   [posted June 8, 2003]

WYLIE, Francis Jasper –  Would like to find the parents of Francis Jasper Wylie b 1824 SC, but lived the rest of his life in Alabama, Chilton and Dallas CO. He married Ann Parker, had a son named John T. Wylie.  Thanks Nancy W. Vincent at nvincen@bellsouth.net. [posted August 19, 1999]